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Summer 2024: 3D Character Track / Environmental Modeling
TERM DATES: Jun 30, 2024 - Sep 14, 2024
LEVEL: Intermediate 
COURSE PREREQUISITES: Introduction to 3D Modeling
4. Environmental Modeling

Learn how to make buildings, interiors, exteriors, and set pieces.

Use rhythm and style to make your sets shine.

Learn the secrets of set modeling, with instruction in UV's, Cloth simming and particle distribution of elements. Learn studio pipeline needs: Asset Management, Previs, Cameras and Lights.

- Environment selection and design considerations.
- Blocking and design interpretation.
- Refining shapes and adding details
- Asset Management
- UV's, surfacing and textures
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class time
Tuesday 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
Friday 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Craig Dowsett
United States
Craig Dowsett is a Modeling/Texture Lead with years of experience in animation, games, and VFX. Projects he has worked on include Spider-man Freshman year, Puss in Boots 2, Boss Baby 2, Black Panther, God of War 4, Destiny, How To Train Your Dragon 2, ParaNorman and others....
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