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Christopher Silva
AnimSchool Instructor
Hi! My name is Chris. I have over 15 years of industry experience with 14 of those years focused on animation. I graduated from California State University, Fullerton in 2008 and started my career path at a small game studio based out of San Diego. From there, I pivoted into a technical animator role at Rhythm & Hues. A profession I wasn't planning on taking, but grateful for because it gave me the base knowledge and understanding of working within the industry and collaborating with others on a production pipeline. After a year, I started to feel the pull of animation, so I chose to attended an accredited trade school and received my animation degree in 2011. From there, I was able to secure an animation role at Rhythm & Hues working on films like Hop and Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked. After a short, but incredible year, I was fortunate enough to secure a fulltime role as a feature animator at Blue Sky Studios. There, I had the honor to work on a multitude of films such as Ice Age 4, Ferdinand and Spies in Disguise to name a few. After a long 10 year journey, it was time for me to make another pivot in my career adventure. I graciously excepted a position as Senior Cinematic Animator at Blizzard Entertainment on Diablo 4. From there, I pivoted to a Lead Animator for the In-Game Cinematics team and shipped my first AAA title. As a lead animator, I had the opportunity to serve a team of enthusiastic animators looking to grow in there chosen career professions. It was this experience that drives me to be a part of Anim School and provide those same opportunities I was fortunate enough to receive when I started so many years prior.
United States
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